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  • TEA-S1803

    Embedded TEA-S1803 is a 18.5-inch all-in-one based on Intel Baytrail platform. It is small and beautiful, fanless design, rich peripheral interface and function expansion, and can be widely used in thin clients, banks, securities and other industries. In the application.

  • TEA-CE3012

    The TEA-CE3012 uses a fully rugged and durable embedded industrial control tablet solution with low-power Intel Bay Trail J1900 platform, supports DDR3L1067/1333/1600 memory, and is waterproof, dustproof and drop-proof. It is equipped with GL-S7015 standard 3.5. "Motherboard, TEB-E7012 touch adapter board, TEB-E4612 audio small card, 10.1" high-definition resistance touch screen, is an ideal solution for industrial control, automotive inspection equipment.

  • SE500

    Ultra-low power consumption, specially designed to improve efficiency, according to user characteristics can do long running requirements, waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall, outdoor sun Features such as light visibility make it ideal for field service, public safety, military and other harsh environments.

  • TEB-M5021

    TEB - M5021 is based on the Intel ® Apollo lake 7 th Gen Celeron J3455 CPU, which is based on Intel's fifth generation motherboard, low power consumption 1 DDR3L SO - DIMM memory, maximum support 8 gb, the onboard two gigabit nics chip, support VGA/DP/HDMI display, can be widely used in finance, self-help, thin client, retail, lottery tickets, etc.

  • TEB-S7015

    TEB-s7015 is a 3.5-inch motherboard.The Intel Bay Trail low-power chipset;Support dual-core and quad-core processors, No fan design, can be used in retail, catering and other industries

  • ITX-H1900

    Itx-hj1900 is based on Intel Bay trial-D mobile platform, standard mini-itx 170*170mm size motherboard


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